Chef, Animal Communicator and Writer

Baba's Kitchen

Reisa Mary Stone. With her pen name “Baba”, Reisa has concocted a delightful cook book inspired by her many passions and her Ukrainian roots. It’s a lark into a wonderful world – with some horse friendly recipes built right in! Well, here, let her tell it:

Why is call Ukrainian Soul Food? Yizha dusha, soul food, is powerful thing. Dusha, soul, is fierce vitality force. It is roaring flame you cannot put out, inside cage of thick flesh and hard bone. Not some kind airing fairy floating around like chiffon scarf.  That is Nu Age barfola. Baba going to show you Old Age. Ha!  Food is for create more life force, make nourish your soul as well your physical body.

She is also an Animal Communicator She helps people solve “pet problems through Animal Communication”. You’ll find uplifting and humorous posts related to Animal Communication, behavior and training.


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